February 19, 2023

NextPro Sports partners with Sportsmate360 Academy

NextPro Sports partners with Sportsmate360 Academy

NextPro Sports Management Agency is delighted to announce a partnership with SportsMate360 Academy, an international football academy based in Warsaw, Poland as its official scouting partner in Uganda.

Sportsmate360 Academy is one of the world’s leading private residential football academies with a unique methodology focused more on individual training that strengthens the basics of a player at a younger age, the best way to overcome a poor development background.

The principal aim of this partnership is to provide a platform to prepare young Ugandan talents for a direct route to professional football in Europe. Sportsmate360 is the only academy in Europe with an opportunity for the player to be registered with the national FA, get a player license, and direct slot at the 4th Division Polish Club Wilga Garwolin, an entrance into the European System.

“We would like to welcome NextPro Sports as the official scouter for our agency Sportsmate360 in Uganda under our official East African representative, SKEIYA. We look forward to working with them” said Mr. Gregor Nawrath, President of the Sportmate360 Academy Management Board.

“We’re delighted to grant our full approval to our esteemed partner, NextPro Sports, for their excellent marketing work in promoting our football programs in Uganda on behalf of SKEIYA. Their comprehensive expertise in the sports industry, coupled with their deep knowledge of the Ugandan market, make them an outstanding partner for us. We’re confident that their diligent efforts will lead to a significant increase in the popularity of our program, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them to promote football in Uganda and beyond.” – Syombua A. Kibue, CEO SKEIYA.

“This partnership offers a program for our young talents to gain professional experience at a younger age and a chance to enter the European System. It also offers the opportunity for the players to continue with their high school education while still continuing with their football career.” Said Mr. Sultan Atubo, Founder NextPro Sports.

We look forward to a productive partnership.